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 At the beginning of every summer, our director Jonathan tells the staff, "This is the best job you will ever have!"   I've been in the working world for a long time, and I must say...he's right!  Camp Hadar is the most enjoyable place I've ever worked.  The staff is outstanding, friendly, dedicated, and great with the kids.  The kids love coming back summer after summer to see old friends and make new ones, to enjoy traditional favorite activities, and to have new experiences.  There is no other place I'd rather be each summer than Camp Hadar!

Karen Vennard

Arts and Crafts Director

Camp Hadar

I absolutely love Camp Hadar and everything about it! The people there are amazing, from the awesome staff members who make every day so great, to the campers who bring their energy and smiles with them. It's a great place to be and enjoy the summer with some of the best friends you'll ever have. It's these things that keep me coming back every summer. 

Anna Kupchik

Arava Sr. Counselor

Camp Hadar



My children went Session One and half of Session Two.  Even now a few days away from starting a new school year, they are still talking about things that happened in camp like singing songs that they learned on the bus and in music every day.  They are counting down the days until next summer when they can go back.  Thanks for a great first camp experience.

Whiteny Jablonki


Andover, MA 

My name is Kaelee and I am 5 years old.  I went to camp for the first time last summer.  I loved camp because it's so fun.  I loved swimming because I got to do it twice a day.  I did a lot of crafts.  Both crafts and swimming are my favorite. There were lots of nice friends I met.  And they played with me.   I can't wait to make new friends next year. I love my camp counselor, Anna.  She is sweet.  I like her.  Camp was so much fun that I am bringing my cousin with me this year.  I can't wait!

Kaylee Forman
Arava Camper
Haverhill, MA

Both of our girls were at Camp Hadar for the first time last summer.  We had heard very good things about Hadar from members of our Temple.  We felt very fortunate to find such a great camp where the girls could swim, participate in sports, arts and crafts, make new friends, and have an authentic camp experience in a great setting.  What struck me most about visiting the camp for the first time was the friendliness and attentiveness of the counselors and staff.  Keep up the good work. We look forward to another great summer at Hadar!

Riki MacKillop
Chelmsford, MA
Summer of 2006 was our first summer at Camp Hadar. Instantly, from day one, both Hana (Negev girls) and Ethan (Arava) felt so comfortable with the staff and peers--so much so that Ethan, who we intended to send only 3 days a week, begged to go all 5 days!  What I truly loved was the way that family and Jewish culture were intertwined with this program.  Not only did the family nights and Sunday events create great bonding times for our family, it gave me the opportunity to see first hand, not only that my children were in very responsible and capable hands, but also the genuine caring and warm manner of the staff.  I had such great joy in seeing how much fun my children were having.

Lisa Belanger
North Andover, MA

My daughter was always frightened of the water.  I have tried many different swimming programs, however, none were successful.  Last summer, my daughter spent the entire summer at Camp Hadar and now SHE LOVES TO SWIM!!!! The counselors at Camp Hadar are phenomenal!  She now takes advanced swimming lessons and she can't wait to go back this summer! Thank you Camp Hadar!!!

Gabriella Kiraly
North Andover, MA

I can't wait for the Summer so that I can go back to Camp Hadar!  I love swimming in the Lake!

Kiandra Kormos
Negev Girls Camper
North Andover, MA

Our then 6-year old son went to Camp Hadar last year for the first time. That was his first experience as a camper, and we couldn't believe how good he felt about the camp from the moment we visited Open House. He loved the conselors and made friends instantly. For us, a family with Jewish roots, it was especially important that Mark was introduced to Jewish customs and culture. He has been waiting for the next summer's session for almost a year and was glad to see old friends at the pool party in January. His four-year old brother Matthew will join Mark this time. We are sure he'll be another happy camper!

Anna Tarlavsky
Hudson, NH

My daughter, Kaelee, attended Camp Hadar for the first time last summer attending 3 sessions, 3 times a week.  She was only 4 years old.  I was a bit of a nervous mama having her swim without me.  The camp swim teacher told me that they used noodles to teach new swimmers. Swimming was Kaelee's favorite activity at camp.  How independent she became!  In the Fall, her Red Cross swim teacher remarked, "Wow, Kaelee really improved in her swimming, over the summer!"  Attending Camp Hadar made all the difference!  Thank you!

Kina Forman
Haverhill, MA